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Tektronix 3A1
Dual trace amplifier plugin
Type 3A1 front view

Compatible with 560-series scopes

Produced from 1962 to 1968

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The Tektronix Type 3A1 is a 10 MHz dual-trace amplifier plug-in for 560-series scopes, introduced in 1962.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 10 MHz
Risetime 35 ns
Deflection 10 mV/div to 10 V/div, 1−2−5 sequence
Input impedance 1 MΩ // 47 pF


The input signal passes through compensated attenuators and then into a cathode-follower stage made of two 7586 Nuvistor tubes.

Channel switching in ALTERNATE mode is done using diodes. The output stage that drives the vertical deflection plates of the scope uses a pair of 8233 frame grid power pentode tubes.


Some Parts Used in the 3A1

Page Class Description Used in
7586 Vacuum Tube (Triode) Nuvistor triode M 1A1 1A2 1A5 10A2 10A2A 11B1 11B2A 321 321A 3A1 3A3 3A5 3A6 3A7 3A8 3A74 3S76 3S76A 3T77 3T77A 4S1 6R1 6R1A 82 86
8233 Vacuum Tube (Pentode) special quality 10 watt pentode 3A1 3A5 3A6 9A1 9A2