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"Products" values

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Manufacturer   Tektronix
Model   3A10
Class   Plug-in

Transducer Amplifier

Series   560-series scopes
Introduced   1971
Discontinued   1975

"Specifications" values

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Parameter   Deflection

10 μV/Div to 10 V/Div in 1–2–5 sequence

Parameter   Input impedance

1 MΩ // 47 pF (Volts mode) or 10 MΩ (transducer mode)

Parameter   Bandwidth

1 MHz, LF limit switchable DC, 0.1 Hz to 10 kHz in six steps, HF limit switchable 100 Hz to 1 MHz in ×3/×10 steps, AC coupling 1.6 Hz

Parameter   Signal ranges