The Tektronix 414 Portable Patient Monitor is a dual-trace instrument that simultaneously displays ECG and blood pressure or peripheral pulse, and provides a digital readout of heart rate, respiration rate, systolic/diastolic blood pressure, or temperature.

Tektronix 414
Portable Patient Monitor
Tektronix 414 Portable Patient Monitor

Produced from 1976 to (?)


It has pressure and heart rate alarms with selectable limits. It is AC or battery operated. It can be used with the 400 strip chart recorder.

Key Specifications

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  • Option 2: EXTERNAL PRESSURE GAUGE-FACTOR ADJUSTMENT: Pressure Gauge Factor control added to rear panel to accommodate non- standard transducers.
  • Option 3: F-CELL BATTERY PACK: F-Cell battery pack provided in place of D-Cell pack.
  • Option 4: ECG FULL-LEAD SELECTION: Provides an 8-position rotary switch in place of the 3 ECG lead selector pushbuttons.
  • Option 10: ELECTRO-SURGICAL INTERFERENCE SUPPRESSION: Specially designed ECG circuit enhances interpretation of the ECG waveform when electro-surgical instruments are used.
  • Option 15: NO ACCESSORIES: Deletes all included accessories except manuals.
  • Option 20: NO PRESSURE: Deletes blood pressure facilities leaving dual-trace capability of ECG and pulse.
  • Option 21: DUAL PRESSURE: Provides a second pressure channel in place of the pulse channel in the standard 414 Monitor.


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Key Specifications

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