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Tektronix 4205
13" color terminal
Tektronix 4205 1988 Catalog photo

Produced from 1986 to (?)

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The Tektronix 4205 is a 13" color CRT 4200-Series Terminal with 480×360 resolution, compatible With the 4100 Graphics Terminal and the 4207, 4208, and 4209 Terminals. The 4205 featured a Intel 80186 processor.

The 4205 offers general purpose alphanumerics with high-quality color graphics. The 4205 has a 60-Hz non-interlaced refresh rate and a 0.31 dot pitch 13-inch (330-mm) color display sereen. Additional features include background copy spooling to color copiers, 4096 x 4096 virtual graphics coordinate space, and true local zoom and pan.

The Tektronix 9201T is a re-badged 4205 terminal for the DAS9200.

Graphics Features

The 16 graphic and 8 dialog colors, from a palette of 64, allow color differentiation, in complex drawings and graphs. Other graphics features include multiple views, multiple surfaces, circles and ares, user-definable cursors, and an optional additional megabyte of system memory.