The Tektronix 4301 Applications Processor is a computer graphics workstation.

Tektronix 4301
Graphics desktop computer
Tektronix 4301

Produced from 1988 to 1989 (?)

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The 4301 bus architecture is built around a Motorola VMEbus, powered by a full 32-bit, 20 MHz 68020and a 68881 floating point processor. An optional floating point accelerator provides even greater speed.

With a high-speed Ethernet local area network, the 4301 can connect to a network of 4132 workstations, 4330 Series and 4320 Series workstations, 4230 Series and 4220 Series terminals, and other hosts and workstations. The Network File System and TCP/IP communications protocols expand networking capabilities. Additional Workstation Compute Engine support for 4100 Series, 4120 Series and 4200 Series Terminals

The 4301 transfers data over a dual RS-232 interface at rates of up to 38.4 Kbps. The optional Interactive DMA Interface provides single-path communications at parallel speeds, and can be used with minimal programming for both bulk data and interactive transmissions to pass through a single channel.

The 4301 provides local computing resources for 4100, 4120 and 4200 Series terminals. The 4301 adds 2.5 MIPS of processing with Tek’s UTek operating system, an implementation of Berkeley 4.2 UNIX. UTek offers a large command set with many System V extensions and advanced functions. With virtual memory of 256M bytes, UTek’s interactive interface simplifies system administration and maintenance.

A high-performance compiler for C is standard with the 4301, and a FORTRAN 77 compiler and ISO Pascal compiler are optional. The 4301 supports Tektronix PLOT 10® TekniCAD and TekniCAP. Software emulation for text-based IBM PC/XT applications is standard.


CPU 20 MHz 68020 CPU, 68881 Floating Point Unit, Optional Floating Point Accelerator
HDD 153 Mb or 234 Mb
RAM up to 16 Mb (?)
OS Tektronix UTekTM Operating System
Networking Integrated Ethernet Networking, with TCP/IP and Network File System