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Tektronix 432
25 MHz dual trace portable scope
Tektronix 432

Produced from 1971 to (?)

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The Tektronix 432 is a 25 MHz dual-trace portable solid-state oscilloscope.

There is also a rack-mount version, the R432.

Each 432 vertical signal path starts with the coupling switch, then a rotary cam attenuator, then a dual-JFET source-follower buffer amp, then a 155-0050-00 differential amplifier (switched to 155-0050-01 after serial number B239999).

The vertical and horizontal output amplifiers are fully discrete, using silicon bipolar transistors.

Triggering is done by a 4.7 mA tunnel diode that is fed by a discrete trigger amplifier.

The 432 consumes 55 watts maximum and weighs 20 pounds.

P31 phosphor was standard. P7 was also available.


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