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Tektronix 4601
Tektronix 4601

Produced from 1970 to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Tektronix 4601 is a printer for getting a paper copy of the information on the screen of a storage monitor. It was introduced in 1970.

The 4601 is based on a special CRT (T6110-203, 154-0629-00) that incorporated a ceramic funnel and a fiber optic faceplate to collimate the emitted light. It exposed 3M-made light-sensitive, dry-silver paper paper a line at a time.


  • 1971: $3,750 (~$26,000 in 2020 Dollars)


Some Parts Used in the 4601

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
T6110 154-0629-00 CRT special fiberoptic CRT 4601