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Tektronix 4701
8-channel multiplexer
Tektronix 4701 miultiplexer

Produced from 1971 to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Tektronix 4701 is a multiplexer introduced in 1971 that allows several signals to be displayed on a single oscilloscope or captured with a recording instrument. The 4701 contains logic for round-robin switching between the inputs.

Each of the eight inputs to the Tek 4701 is differential. Each differential input signal goes into a discrete amplifier using a 151-1036-00 dual n-channel JFET. The output of the discrete amplifier is fed to another differential amplifier, this one using a CA3030 opamp. This second stage converts the differential signal to single-ended and provides a low output impedance. The low-impedance single-ended signal is fed to a diode switch. There is a summing junction where the outputs of the diode switches meet, thus forming the multiplexer. An output amplifier buffers the voltage on the summing junction, producing the low-impedance output for the rear panel connector.

Key Specifications

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The signal path bandwidth is DC to 1 MHz.


Custom ICs used in the 4701

Page Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0028-00 M018 155-0028-00 155-0028-01 155-0042-00 155-0042-01 155-0042-02 155-0042-03 Miller integrator and delay pickoff Joe Burger 5030 R5030 5031 R5031 1401 1401A 1480 1481 1482 1485 26G1 26G2 26G3 314 335 432 434 4701 5B10N 5B12N 5B31 5B40 5B42 5S14N 7B52 7B53A 7B53N 7L12 7L13 7L14 7L18 7S14 AN/USM-281C RG501 Telequipment D63 Telequipment DM63
155-0029-01 155-0029-00,155-0029-01 155-0029-01 Trigger 26G1 26G2 26G3 4701 5030 R5030 5031 R5031 5B10N
155-0056-00 M042E 155-0056-00 155-0056-01 sweep control Val Garuts 26G1 26G2 26G3 314 4701 5B10N 5B12N 5S14N 7L5 7L12 7L13 7L14 7L18 7S14 5S14N RG501 Telequipment D63 Telequipment DM63