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Tektronix 5A13N
2 MHz Differential Comparator
5A13N front panel

Compatible with 5000-series scopes

Produced from 1972 to 1984

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The Tektronix 5A13N is a differential comparator vertical plug-in for 5000-series scopes, i.e. a differential amplifier with adjustable DC offset. It is essentially a simpler, lower bandwidth brother of the 7A13.


Bandwidth 2 MHz (10 kHz limit switchable)
Deflection 1 mV/Div to 5 V/Div, 1—2—5
CMRR 100 dB below 20 kHz down to 40 dB at 2 MHz
Common mode range ±10 V in 1 mV/Div range