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Template:Plugin Sidebar 2 The Tektronix Type 67 is a time-base for 560-series scopes, providing calibrated sweep rates from 1 μs/div to 5 s/div, introduced in 1961. The unmodified 67 does not have a single-sweep mode.

It uses a 6DJ8 as the trigger input amplifier, followed by another 6DJ8 as a Schmitt trigger. The 67 was replaced by the 2B67 which is very similar but has a single-sweep mode.

Mod 104

'Mod 104' is a factory modification to the Type 67 that gives the timebase single sweep capability. It is not documented in the service manual.

Although it is unknown how many Type 67s were fitted with 'Mod 104', there is at least one that exists with the modification.


Sweep Rate 1 μs/div to 5 s/div
Vernier Range 1 μs/div to 12 s/div
Max. Magnification
Triggering Auto, Manual, Free Run
Ext. Input Sensitivity 1 V/div
     — With Mod 104
Sweep Mode Normal, Single