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The '''6BL8''' (European equivalent '''ECF80''', Russian '''6Ф1П''') is a triode and pentode in a single tube with a {{B9A base}}.
{{Vacuum Tube
Tek part number: 154-0278-00
|Description=triode-pentode combo
|Used_in=503;504;516;549;Telequipment D52;Telequipment S31;Telequipment S32;Telequipment S32A;Telequipment S51;Telequipment S52;
}} with a {{B9A base}}.

==Used in==
==Used in==
* [[Telequipment S32A]]  
* [[503]]
* [[504]]
* [[516]]
* [[Telequipment D52]]
* [[Telequipment S32A]]
* [[Telequipment S51]]
* [[Telequipment S52]]  

* [https://www.radiomuseum.org/tubes/tube_6bl8.html 6U8 @ radiomuseum.org]
* [[tube:6bl8 | 6BL8 @ radiomuseum.org]]
* [[Media:Tung-sol 6bl8.pdf|Tung-Sol 6BL8 Datasheet]]
* [[Media:Tung-sol 6bl8.pdf|Tung-Sol 6BL8 Datasheet]]

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The 6BL8  (European: ECF80) (Russian: 6Ф1П) (P/N 154-0278-00) is a triode-pentode combo vacuum tube with a B9A (Noval) miniature 9-pin base.

Used in