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The Tektronix 7A18 is a general-purpose 75 MHz dual-trace vertical plug-in for 7000-series scopes. Model 7A18N is identical except it omits the readout circuits.

Option 06 (first offered in 1975 catalog) adds offset voltage controls giving ±200 Div offset range. This option replaces the IDENTIFY buttons with DC offset controls and adds a fourth "DC offset" position to the input coupling switch.

The 200 MHz 7A26 and 400 MHz 7A24 share the same front panel layout and operation.

The 7A18 uses a discrete front-end followed by M36 channel switch ICs for the vertical and trigger signals.


Input impedance 1 MΩ // 20 pF
Deflection 5 mV/div to 5 V/div in 1–2–5 sequence, 2%
Bandwidth 0 – 75 MHz (DC), 10 Hz – 75 MHz (AC)
Noise < 300 μV in 5 mV/Div
Option 06 offset range ±200 Div equiv. from ±1 V in 5 mV/Div range up to ±200 V in 1 V/Div range (above that limited by maximum input voltage)
  • Mode: CH1 only, CH2 only, Add CH1+CH2, Alternating, Chopped. CH2 can be inverted.
  • Input sockets with contact ring for probe ×10 / identify information
  • No bandwidth limiter switch
Weight 1.4 kg


Year 1971 1976 1980 1984 1990
Catalog price $535 $615 $915 $1,250 $1,790
2018 value $3,300 $2,700 $2,770 $3,000 $3,420

Repair issues

The pins of the attenuator modules are connected to conductive traces on the ceramic substrate inside by low-temperature soldering, which can go bad. Re-seating the module can temporarily restore the internal contact but will usually not fix the problem permanently. Repair is possible by opening the click-locked lid and carefully resoldering.


Option 06