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Tektronix 7B50
100 MHz Timebase
7B50 front

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1969 to 1988




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The Tektronix 7B50 is a timebase plug-in for 7000-series scopes, particularly the 7500 series. It is specified for triggering up to 100 MHz. Triggering uses tunnel diodes. The sweep is fully discrete, no ICs. There is a 7B50 and a 7B50A.

The task of designing the 7B50 was inherited and completed by Murlan Kaufman.

Key Specifications

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X-Y operation

The 7B50 has a dedicated switch to put it in "amplifier mode" for X-Y operation. In this mode, the Trigger Source switch controls the signal source – internal from a vertical plug-in via the trigger path, or external — and the Trigger Coupling switch controls AC vs. DC coupling. In amplifier mode, gain can be varied using an uncalibrated potentiometer.


Custom ICs used in the 7B50

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Custom ICs used in the 7B50A

Page Class Manufacturer Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0109-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M120B 155-0109-00 155-0109-01 trigger Gary Vance 5B25N 5B31 5B40 5B42 5B44 5S14N 7B50A 7B53A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B81P 7B90P 7S14 7612D SC502 SC503 SC504
155-0126-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M121 155-0126-00 trigger source selector and P-P auto amplifier Art Metz 7B50A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B81P 7B90P