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Template:Plugin Sidebar 2 The Tektronix 7B70 is a 200 MHz time-base plug-in for 7000-series scopes. It has no delay function. For delayed-sweep applications, the 7B70 is operated in conjunction with the model 7B71 delaying timebase. The 7B70/7B71 were primarily intended for the 7704 mainframe.

The task of designing the 7B70 was inherited and completed by Murlan Kaufman.

The 7B71/7B70 were superseded by the 7B85/7B80 pair (400 MHz) in 1976.


Sweep rate 2 ns/div to 5 s/div, optional ×10 magnifier
Trigger modes P-P auto, auto, norm, single

X-Y operation

The 7B70 has a dedicated switch to put it in "amplifier mode" for X-Y operation. In this mode, the Trigger Source switch controls the signal source – internal from a vertical plug-in via the trigger path, or external — and the Trigger Coupling switch controls AC vs. DC coupling.

In amplifier mode, gain can be varied using an uncalibrated potentiometer.



The 7B70 contains five 148-0034-00 miniature relays and one 148-0035-00. It also contains one 152-0154-00 and two 152-0125-00 tunnel diodes.