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Template:Plugin Sidebar 2 The Tektronix 7K11 is a cable TV pre-amplifier plug-in for 7000-series scopes and a cousin to the AM511. It is intended for use with a 7L12 or 7L14 set to a -30 dBm reference level (on its 50 Ω input). The reference level selected on the 7K11 is calibrated in dBmV. It has its own build in calibrator with 75 Ω output impedance. All RF connectors are BNC.

Key Specifications

Frequency Range 30 to 890 MHz
Input Impedance 75 Ω
VSWR <2:1
Reference Level +79 dBmV to 0 dBmV in 1 dB steps
Output to Spectrum Analyzer set to −30 dBm, 50 Ω
Intermodulation >70 dB down
Calibrator +30 dBmV, 50 MHz, 75 Ω