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The Tektronix 8001/8002/8002A are microprocessor development systems from the late 70s/early 80s.

The 8000 MDL Series Microprocessor Labs were intended for complete hardware microcode debugging for products incorporating popular microprocessors of the era. Three emulation modes were available for various steps of product development.


The 8001 provides in-circuit emulation for introducing computer-developed software into a prototype and includes a powerful set of debugging features to help test it along the way. Combining the 8001 with a software development computer forms a system that supports the design effort, from source coding to prototype to completion. After the host computer cross-assembler has converted source code into object code, the resulting file can be downloaded to the 8001 to begin the integration process.

The 8001 is designed for host computers and so does not include no extra development software or peripherals such as floppy discs or printers. A single CRT terminal like the CT8100 is used to control both a host computer and the 8001. Multiple 8001 can be linked to a central host in a multi-station configuration. The 8001 is designed to interface with any host mainframe or minicomputer via a RS-232-C connection.

The 8001 is only configurable for one microprocessor at a time by removal/installation of cards/interfaces.


The 8002/8002A models were capable of supporting more than one microprocessor without the need for re-configuration.

Key Specifications

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Model 1978 catalog price In 2022 Dollars
8001 $7,650 $32,700
8002 $9,950 $42,500