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Tektronix 92A96
Data acquisition module
92A96XD Board

Compatible with DAS9200

Produced from (?) to (?)

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The Tektronix 92A96 Data Acquisition Module is a data analysis module for the DAS9200. By sampling, storing and displaying digital data connected to the 96 channel interface via probe sets.

Three versions were offered:

92A96 8K Deep memory
92A96D 32K Deep memory
92A96DX 128K Deep memory


Probes for the 92A96 are passive and consist of the ribbon cables, housing, three 8-channel probes and one clock probe.

010-0492-00 Probe set
174-2117-00 Cable
174-2527-00 8-channel data lead set
196-3347-00 Single channel lead set
020-1890-00 25-Channel Probe set

The P6464 Pattern Generator can also be connected.