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Robert Beville (b. June 25, 1938 – d. March 2023)

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Products by Bob Beville

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
850 "Techaid" portable test aid Bob Beville (?)
7D11 Plug-in digital delay Carlo Infante Bob Beville Bruce Hofer 1972
821 Logic Analyzer 4-bit word recognizer accessory Bob Beville 1974
FG5010 Plug-in 20 MHz function generator Bob Beville 1982

Components by Bob Beville

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Patents by Bob Beville

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3843873A US 3843873A Counter having selective direction and variable rate control Bob Beville Bruce Hofer Bill Peek Tektronix Inc 1972-09-19 1974-10-22