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Actually, there never was a Type C, but that name is sometimes used as shorthand for the official "Type 53C" and "Type 53/54C" nomenclatures.

The Type 53C is a dual-trace plug-in for 500-series scopes. It was introduced along with the 531 and 535 mainframes in 1954. In those scopes (Tek never documented its performance in the 540's), its bandwidth is 8.5MHz, and like most letter-series plug-ins, its maximum vertical sensitivity is 50mV/div. Unlike the Type A and Type B, the Type C had the ability to invert the signal before display.

Type 53C was replaced by Type 53/54C in 1956 when the 541 and 545 were introduced. The Type 53/54C's bandwidth is 24MHz in those scopes. In 1959 it was replaced by Type CA.

At 15 tubes, the Type 53/54C and Type CA have the highest tube count of any letter-series plug-in. Each channel consists of a 6AK5 cathode-follower driving a 12AU6 differential pair which drives a 6AU6 differential pair. The two channels converge on a 12AT7 cross-coupled cathode-follower. Four more tubes, a 6AL5 and three 12AT7's, comprise a logic circuit which determines which channel drives the output at any given moment. The options are A, B, CHOPPED, or ALT.