Engine Analyzer System

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Tektronix Engine Analyzer
Scope/Sensor Bundle for ICE Analysis
Engine Analyzer (catalog image)

Produced from 1968 to 1975

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The Tektronix Engine Analyzer consists of a 561A oscilloscope or a 564 storage scope, a specially designed Engine Analyzer Timebase (a modified 2B67) with a rotational function generator input, and a modifIed 3A74 4-channel amplifier providing separate inputs for pressure (with a charge preamplifier), ignition, vibration, and crank-shaft rotation marker. It was applied to measurements on Internal combustion engines. Possible displays include

  • Pressure vs. time
  • Pressure vs. volume
  • Pressure vs. crank angle
  • Vibration analysis
  • Ignition analysis (timing, point arcing, spark plug condition etc.)

The instrument package includes a rotational function generator (015-0108-0x), pressure (015-0117-00) and vibration (015-0116-00) transducers, ignition pickoff (012-0139-00), magnetic pickup (015-0119-00), cables and carrying case.

The rotational function generator consists of a rotating film disk that is mechanically linked to the engine. Through three printed, optically sensed patterns, it provides three selectable signals – a sawtooth pattern linked to the crank angle, a pulse pattern marking crank angle in 10°, 60° and 360° increments, and a modified sine (6% second harmonic) representing piston volume as a function of crankshaft angle.

The Engine Analyzer System was available from 1967 until 1975, when production of the 560 oscilloscope series was terminated. To allow the rotational function generator to be used with 7000-series scopes, Tek offered a combination of a modified timebase (7B53A MOD FB) and a TM500 based power supply (PS501-1 MOD 730E) that were produced until 1985.