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"Female" RJ45 connector
"Female" RJ45 connector

The RJ45 (Ethernet) connector a commonly-used name for the 8P8C modular connector used to terminate twisted pair and multi-conductor flat cable. These connectors are commonly used for Ethernet over twisted pair, registered jacks and other applications, RS232 serial communication using EIA/TIA-561 and Yost standards.

An 8P8C modular connection consists of a male plug and a female jack, each with eight equally-spaced contacts. On the plug, the contacts are flat metal bars positioned parallel to the connector body. Inside the jack, the contacts are metal spring wires arranged at an angle toward the insertion interface. When the plug is mated with the jack, the contacts meet and create an electrical connection. The spring tension of the jack contacts ensures a good interface.

The RJ45 (Ethernet) connector is seen on several Tektronix instruments like the AWG610, TDS3012, TDS3014, TDS3032, TDS3034, TDS3052, TDS3054, TDS5032, TDS5034, TDS5052, TDS5054, TDS5104, TMA802, RSA3303, RSA3308, RSA3408, RSA5103, RSA5106, RSA5115, RSA5126, RSA6106, RSA6114, RSA6120, and RSA7100