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James H Knapton (? – ?)

From Tekscope V.3 No.4 July 1971:

James H. Knapton started his career with Tektronix in November, 1967 with design of the horizontal amplifier and calibrator in the 647, Tek's first solid state lab scope.

After a period of working with pulse generators and time mark generators, he tackled the chore of developing a replacement for the 575 Curve Tracer.

Jim contributed many of the fine features found in the 576, and recently added the 176 Pulsed High-Current Fixture.

Jim received his BSEE in June of '48 from the University of California at Berkeley.

Documents Authored by Jim Knapton

Document Page Class Title Author(s) Year Refers to
Tekscope 1969 V1 N1 Feb 1969.pdf 3 Article A New Dimension in Curve Tracing Jim Knapton Jerrold Rogers 1969 576
Tekscope 1971 V3 N4 Jul 1971.pdf 7 Article Pulsed-Collector High-Current Testing with the 176 Jim Knapton 1971 176

Products by Jim Knapton

Manufacturer Model Description Designers Introduced
Tektronix 647 50 MHz scope Oz Svehaug Oliver Dalton Jim Knapton 1963
Tektronix 576 Curve tracer Jim Knapton 1969
Tektronix 176 High-current test fixture Jim Knapton 1970
Tektronix 577 Curve tracer Jack Millay Jim Knapton Bob Herb Bob Verrinder Om Agrawal Dave Rule Gary Davis Tom Saucy 1972

Components by Jim Knapton

Patents by Jim Knapton

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3255419A US 3255419A Wide band amplifier circuit having current amplifier input stage and operational amplifier output stage Jim Knapton Oliver Dalton Tektronix Inc 1963-06-18 1966-06-07
Patent US 3558930A US 3558930A Jitter-free triggering method and apparatus Jim Knapton Henry A Zimmerman Tektronix Inc 1968-03-15 1971-01-26
Patent US 3534185A US 3534185A Control device Jim Knapton Sid Broughton Joseph L Loeffler Tektronix Inc 1968-10-25 1970-10-13
Patent US 3654489A US 3654489A Pulse generator for a variable load Jim Knapton Tektronix Inc 1970-07-28 1972-04-04