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We have pages for over 2,000 products, 1,600+ patents, 700+ components, 300+ key people, and more.

We also keep some 6,000 PDF documents – manuals, catalogs, specifications, data sheets etc.

In addition, you can find 18,000 images such as equipment photos, and over 1,000 ROM images and software packages here.

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Tektronix started producing oscilloscopes with the model 511 in 1947, at which time the vacuum tube was the primary active device, and remained so into the 1960s.
While transistors were used increasingly in such instruments from the mid-1950s on, this section contains instruments and instrument families primarily based on vacuum tubes (aka valves).

Major families of Tektronix oscilloscopes from the tube era include:

160 Series

Monolithic Tube Scopes

500 Series

500-series oscilloscopes

500-series (Letter-series and 1-series Plug-ins)


Third Party

560 Series

560-series oscilloscopes

560-series plug-ins

560-series Accessories

Sampling and Automated Measurement

Third Party

580-series oscilloscopes and plug-ins

647-series oscilloscopes and plug-ins

Third Party

661-series oscilloscopes and plug-ins

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From the late 1960s on, Tektronix produced oscilloscopes that were predominantly solid-state based except for the CRT.

Major instrument families from this period included

2000-series oscilloscopes

2600-series instruments


5000-series oscilloscopes

5000-series plug-ins

Third-Party 500-series Equipment

5030-series oscilloscopes


7000-series oscilloscopes

7000-series plug-ins

7000 and 3S series sampling heads

Third-Party 700-series Equipment


11000-series oscilloscopes

11000-series plug-ins


11800-series oscilloscopes

11800-series plug-ins

T900-series oscilloscopes

TAS-series oscilloscopes

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The Tektronix TM500 is a modular test equipment system offering a variety of plug-in modules that fit a dedicated series of mainframes with one to six module slots. The plugins are not compatible with other Tektronix lines such as oscilloscopes.

The TM5000 series, introduced in 1982, added a GPIB interface on the mainframe to control intelligent plugins.




Third Party


Oscilloscope probes

Passive Probes

Active Probes

Low Capacitance Probes

Current Probes

Differential Probes

Logic Probes

Optical Probes

Other Probes

Probe Power and Amplifiers


Calibration Fixtures


Telequipment was a British oscilloscope manufacturer that was acquired by Tektronix in November of 1966.


Keithley Instruments merged with Tektronix in 2010.