Motorola 6800

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The Motorola 6800 is an 8-bit microprocessor introduced in 1974.

It requires a +5 V supply only (generating bias voltages on chip) and came initially in 40-pin DIL packages. The 6800 has non-multiplexed data (8 bit) and address (16 bit) buses, and requires an external non-overlapping two-phase 0.1 − 1 MHz clock (later versions from 1976 on up to 2 MHz).

The 6802, introduced in 1977, includes 128 bytes RAM and an internal clock oscillator. The 6808 is the same without RAM.

DIL Pinout (click to enlarge)

The 68HC11, introduced in 1984, is an upward-compatible microcontroller that adds a second index register, 8x8 multiply and 16/16 divide instructions, as well as a range of 16-bit instructions that treat A and B as a combined 16-bit accumulator. On-chip peripherals include timers, parallel ports, A/D, SPI and UART.


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