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Tek p170cf.jpg

The Tektronix P170CF is a cathode-follower probe intended for use with the 517 scope, or a Type 128 power supply. It came with three attenuator heads.

The P170CF uses a 5718 triode. It requires a 170 Ω termination which is built into the 517 and needs to be externally connected for other instruments (the B170-R terminator with UHF connectors was available for this).

Key Specifications

  • Without attenuator: ×2
  • With PAX-1 head: ×4 to ×40
  • With PAX-2 head: ×20 to ×200
  • With PAX-3 head: ×200 to ×2000
Input impedance With attenuators: 12 MΩ // 5 pF @ min att. − 1.2 pF @ max. att.



Some Parts Used in the P170CF

Page Class Description Used in
5718 Vacuum Tube (Triode) subminiature high-frequency triode 321 P500CF P170CF