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P6139A, full view

The Tektronix P6139 is a passive 500 MHz ×10 scope probe for 1 MΩ // 8-18 pF scope inputs.

It has a ×10 readout pin, and shares accessories with many other Tektronix compact modular probes.

Key Specifications

Attenuation 10×
Bandwidth 500 MHz
Input impedance 10 MΩ // 8 pF
Length 1.3 m
Intended for TDS500 series, TDS3054


According to KE5FX:

Unless they've had their cables replaced, they had a whisker- or dendrite-growth problem in the cable that will short out the signal and drive you nuts. It can be cleared by running some current through the BNC connector but only temporarily. The only fix is to order a new cable from Tektronix, which I'm not sure you can still do.