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Tektronix PS501
0–20 V, 0.4 A + 5 V, 1 A power supply
Tektronix PS501

Produced from 1972 to 1993

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The Tektronix PS501 is a 0–20 V, 0.4 A + 5 V, 1 A power supply plug-in for the TM500 system.

There are three versions:

  • PS501 has coarse/fine potentiometers for setting the variable output voltage.
  • PS501-1 has a 0–10/10–20 V switch and a 10-turn pot with mechanical voltage readout.
  • PS501-2 has coarse/fine potentiometers, and additionally features an analog meter to monitor voltage or current.

All versions have a 0–400 mA current limiting pot and an output switch. The 0–20 V / 400 mA output is floating, the fixed 5 V / 1 A output is ground referenced.

Two special modified versions of the PS501-1 exist:

  • PS501-1 MOD 730E is a modified version to power the strain gage adapter 015-0169-00 or other transducers. The strain gage adapter was initially powered by the 3A10 differential plug in for the 561 or 564 oscilloscopes. When the production of this oscilloscope series was terminated in 1975, the modified PS501-1 MOD 730E became available in 1977 as a replacement power supply, and was produced until 1985.
  • PS501-1 MOD 730F is a modified version to provide power for the 015-0108-01 Rotational Function Generator (RFG) and to condition its output signals to be connected to the modified 7B53A MOD FB time base. The RFG is described in the Engine Analyzer manual with schematics.
    The 3A74 MOD 730A vertical amplifier and 2B67 MOD 730A time base were originally used in a 561 or 564 oscilloscope as part of the Tektronix Engine Analyzer System. When the production of this oscilloscope series was terminated, the modified PS501-1 MOD 730F became available as a functional replacement for generating the horizontal signals for the gated X-Y display of the 7B53A MOD FB timebase. The Physical Measurements Handbook has descriptions of the available tranducres and components, which before were described in the 3A10 manual.

Key Specifications

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PS501-1 MOD 730E

Dennis Tillman modified a PS501-2, replacing the meter movement with simultaneous I-V measurement.