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Patent number US 3584174A (click link for details and documents via Google Patents)
Title Push-button switch apparatus having cam actuated switch contacts and selective illumination means
Inventors Tony Sprando, Peter S Winkelmann
Company Tektronix Inc
Filing date 1969-06-09
Grant date 1971-06-08

Cited By:

Patent Title Inventors Assignee Granted
Patent US 4013855A Modular pushbutton switch John E. Reichen Richard Neff Meyer Gary W. Reed Tektronix Inc 1977-03-22

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This patent describes the back-lit switches that Tek introduced at the end of the 1960s for the 7000-series scopes/plugins, and other instruments.

See also the cam switch patent 3,562,464 referenced in 3,584,174 as the copending application 765,597 by H. Vollum et al for using similar low-inductance spring contacts on PCBs.