Phil Crosby

Philip Stephen Crosby (? – ?) is an electrical engineer.

Phil Crosby and the 556

He started at Tek in 1957, initially working on television instruments. Later, he worked on oscilloscopes, e.g. the 556, 7503, and 7403N.

Then he went back to Television Instruments and worked on the Tek 1980.

He left the TV group in 1983 to join Tek Labs.

Phil received the Vollum Award in 1998 for his pioneering work in shaping the television industry.


Documents Authored by Phil Crosby

Products by Phil Crosby

Manufacturer Model Description Designers Introduced
Tektronix X544 prototype scope Phil Crosby Charlie Rhodes Henry Fritzler (not released)
Tektronix J 35 MHz dual-trace amplifier Ron Olson Phil Crosby (not released)
Tektronix V Video plug-in Larry Biggs Ron Olson Phil Crosby (not released)
Tektronix 3S76 Dual Channel Sampling plug-in Cliff Moulton Ron Olson Charlie Rhodes Walt Lowy Phil Crosby 1962
Tektronix 529 TV Waveform Monitor Phil Crosby 1965
Tektronix 556 50 MHz dual beam scope Phil Crosby Larry Biggs Ron Olson Arend Kastelein 1966
Tektronix 520 NTSC/PAL vectorscope Phil Crosby Ron Olson 1967
Tektronix 7403N 65 MHz non-storage mainframe Phil Crosby Bob Shand 1970
Tektronix 7503 90 MHz non-storage mainframe Phil Crosby Hans Springer 1970
Tektronix 521 PAL vectorscope Phil Crosby Ron Olson 1970
Tektronix 522 Vectorscope Phil Crosby Ron Olson 1970
Tektronix 1980 programmable remote video measurement set Ron Olson Phil Crosby 1980

Components by Phil Crosby

Patents by Phil Crosby

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3358155A US 3358155A Gating circuit having gating oscillator with internal time delay Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1964-10-30 1967-12-12
Patent US 3457505A US 3457505A Oscillographic instrument for separately viewing portions of an input signal Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1966-02-18 1969-07-22
Patent US 3483488A US 3483488A Balanced modulator-demodulator circuit with negative feedback in switching element Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1967-10-12 1969-12-09
Patent US 3863264A US 3863264A Sequential color and memory decoder Larry Nelson Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1973-05-15 1975-01-28
Patent US 3836811A US 3836811A Means for reducing effects of differential cutoff John Durecka Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1973-05-17 1974-09-17
Patent US 3939434A US 3939434A Wideband DC current amplifier Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1974-08-23 1976-02-17
Patent US 3949317A US 3949317A Fast recovery limiting and phase inverting amplifier Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1974-09-16 1976-04-06
Patent US 4051440A US 4051440A Phase locked demodulator Larry Nelson Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1976-03-04 1977-09-27
Patent US 4092666A US 4092666A Monochrome presentation of demodulated color signals Charlie Rhodes Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1976-12-10 1978-05-30
Patent US 4316150A US 4316150A Phase locked loop including phase detector system controlled by enable pulses Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1980-01-09 1982-02-16
Patent US 4447803A US 4447803A Offset digital dither generator Phil Crosby Dale A. Jordan Tektronix Inc 1980-01-09 1984-05-08
Patent US 4335356A US 4335356A Programmable two-quadrant transconductance amplifier Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1980-01-21 1982-06-15
Patent US 4739277A US 4739277A Triggered, programmable skew signal generator Allen L. Hollister Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1986-03-03 1988-04-19
Patent US 4733174A US 4733174A Circuit testing method and apparatus Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1986-03-10 1988-03-22
Patent US 4858142A US 4858142A Digitizer effective resolution measurement system using sinewave parameter estimation Yih-Chyun Jenq Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1987-08-05 1989-08-15
Patent US 4896271A US 4896271A Method and apparatus for measuring jitter in a periodic signal Yih-Chyun Jenq Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1988-01-14 1990-01-23
Patent US 5097428A US 5097428A Data occurrence frequency analyzer Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1988-12-27 1992-03-17
Patent US 4916543A US 4916543A Circular scan streak tube with electronic memory and readout Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1989-01-09 1990-04-10
Patent US 4910480A US 4910480A Hierarchical current amplifier Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1989-07-25 1990-03-20
Patent US 5083849A US 5083849A Light signal sampling system Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1990-05-18 1992-01-28
Patent US 5157290A US 5157290A Phase detector Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1991-03-05 1992-10-20
Patent US 5148162A US 5148162A Analog-to-digital converter comparator circuit utilizing a reverse polarity sampling technique Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1991-04-09 1992-09-15
Patent US 5200749A US 5200749A Format converter architecture Phil Crosby Ajay K. Luthra Tektronix Inc 1991-05-28 1993-04-06
Patent US 5212409A US 5212409A Analog-to-digital converter latch circuit Cliff Moulton Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1992-03-16 1993-05-18
Patent US 5585868A US 5585868A Video quality improvement Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1995-05-01 1996-12-17
Patent US 5793426A US 5793426A Video compression enhancement Phil Crosby T. Naveen Ali Tabatahai Charles H. Van Dusen Tektronix Inc 1996-06-24 1998-08-11
Patent US 5943508A US 5943508A Switcher using shared decompression processors for processing both broadband and compressed video data Bruce J. Penney Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1997-07-28 1999-08-24
Patent US 6330285B1 US 6330285B1 Video clock and framing signal extraction by transport stream "snooping" Phil Crosby Charles H. Van Dusen Venkataraman Prasannan James L. Gimlett Tektronix Inc 1998-02-11 2001-12-11
Patent US 6574246B1 US 6574246B1 Measuring delay variation of regenerated data clock and of associated data packets Phil Crosby Tektronix Inc 1999-02-17 2003-06-03