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* [http://w140.com/tek_sd-20_user_manual.pdf Tektronix SD-20 User Manual (PDF)]
* [[Media:070-7531-02.pdf|Tektronix SD-20 User Manual]] (PDF)
* [http://w140.com/72nd_ARFTG_Conference_CD.pdf Harper, Ridler, and Salter Paper Discussing TDR with SD-20 (PDF)]
* [http://w140.com/72nd_ARFTG_Conference_CD.pdf Harper, Ridler, and Salter Paper Discussing TDR with SD-20 (PDF)]

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Tektronix SD-20
10 GHz Loop-through Sampling Head
Tektronix SD-20 Sampling Head

Compatible with 11800-series scopes

Produced from 1989 to (?)


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The Tektronix SD-20 Loopthrough Sampling Head is a single-channel, 20 GHz loop-through sampling head designed for low-loss testing in applications such as microwave systems research and development, digital device characterization and high-speed digital communications circuit design.

Like the older S-6, the SD-20 is non-terminated and routes the signal of interest directly through the sampling head without the need of a power divider, thus keeping losses to a minimum. The SD-20 can also be used for customized TDR measurements of transmission lines and controlled impedance devices. An external signal generator may be used, instead of the SD-24 step generator, to tailor the TDR stimulus to fit a particular situation. For instance, slower slew rates or higher amplitude may be utilized, or one may perform half-sine or impulse testing. In digital communications, the SD-20 is useful for viewing and triggering on the clock signal without the use of a power divider.


Rise time 17.5 ps
Bandwidth 20 GHz typ.
Noise typically 750 µVRMS, 1.2 mVRMS max. (350 µV typ./550 µV max. with smoothing)
Max. input 1.0 Vp-p signal, 1.6 Vp-p (AC+Offset) operating, ±3 V non-destructive
Sampling rate 100 Hz - 200 kHz
Signal connections 50 Ω 3.5 mm connectors