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The Tektronix T5511 is a dual beam CRT used in the 551 from S/N 2032 on. Earlier models used the T57 (aka T551) tube.

It has two electron guns and two pairs of vertical deflection plates, but common horizontal deflection plates.

The improvement over the T57 was to support a horizontal beam registration circuit that allows to compensate for stray fields in order to make the starting times of both beams coincide.


Part numbers

Service Scope No.27, August 1964
Phosphor Part No.
P1 154-186 (154-0186-00)
P2 154-160 (154-0160-00)
P5 154-210 (154-0210-00)
P7 154-189 (154-0189-00)
P11 154-143 (154-0143-00)