The Tektronix TCP0150 is a 20 MHz, 150 A AC/DC Current Probe with a TekVPI connector.

Tektronix TCP0150
20 MHz, 150 A AC/DC current probe

Compatible with TekVPI connector

Produced from (?) to (?)


Key Specifications

Bandwidth >20 MHz
Rise time <17.5 ns
Ranges 25 A and 150 A
Peak pulse current 500 A (PW <30 μs)
Sensitivity 5 mA (on TekVPI oscilloscopes that support the 1 mV/div setting)
DC Accuracy 1% (typical)
  • One-button degauss/autozeroing
  • Probe control through the oscilloscope menus or remotely through the oscilloscope
  • Direct scaling and unit readout on host instruments
  • AC coupling (oscilloscope dependent)