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The Tektronix TDS420 is a portable, 100 MSamples/s, 150 MHz (420A: 200 MHz), quad-channel scope.

Key Specifications

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Mounting a Gotek USB Floppy Emulator to the TDS420A

This conversion is completely reversible.


Some Parts Used in the TDS420

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0378-00 155-0378-00 Monolithic integrated circuit amplifier TDS410 TDS420 TDS430 TDS460 TDS540 TDS540A TDS544 TDS520 TDS520A TDS524A
M377 165-2129-03 165-2089-06 155-2089-05 Monolithic integrated circuit amplifier 11A16 11A32 11A33 11A34 11A52 2245 2245A 2247 2247A 2252 TDS410 TDS420 TDS460 TDS520D TDS540D TDS580D TDS680C TDS684C TDS714L TDS724D TDS754D TDS784D