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I uploaded a new version of the instruction manual PDF. Karl, can you please do whatever you need to do to link to it, I don't understand the "media" system.

New upload: File:TekInstructionManual1720SeriesVectorscope_RevisedAug1988_v2.pdf

Thanks for uploading the improved PDF. The convention on Tekwiki is to name the manual file based on the part number of the manual. The manual you uploaded has part number 070-5846-00. So we use "070-5846-00.pdf" as the filename. I renamed the file you uploaded accordingly. The 1720 page already pointed to "070-5846-00.pdf" in manual link, so the 1720 page didn't need to be updated. The "Media:" links in the wiki point to short names for files, not paths in the filesystem. The wiki system keeps track of the filesystem path for each short name. It's the same story for images. When we point to images (e.g., inside a gallery block) it is just the base name of the image. Since the short names are in a flat namespace (no hierarchy of folders) we need to keep them unique. The manual naming convention mostly does that. And for images, we try to be descriptive in the name, e.g., "tek_123x_front_end_fuse.jpg" rather than "fuse.jpg" which would be ambiguous and could clash with other files. Kurt (talk) 08:33, 3 January 2021 (PST)

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