Telequipment CT71

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Telequipment CT71
Curve Tracer
Telequipment CT71

Produced from 1979 to (?)

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The Telequipment CT71 is a monolithic, stand-alone curve tracer.


Collector supply 0−1 kV continuously variable, max. 2 A, max. 10 W
Step generator 0-10 steps, 0.2 μA/Step to 20 mA/Step (1-2-5) or 0.1 V/Step to 2 V/Step (1-2-5)
Vertical 5 nA/Div to 200 mA/Div (1-2-5)
Horizontal 100 mV/Div to 100 V/Div (1-2-5)
CRT 10×10 cm², 2.5 kV acceleration, P31 phosphor