Telequipment S51

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Telequipment S51
3 MHz tube scope
Telequipment S51B

Produced from (?) to (?)

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The Telequipment S51 is a low-cost single-channel 3 MHz scope originally intended for the service and education markets.

There was an S51E model variant for education that eliminated the external trigger input in favour of a sweep (sawtooth) output, and an S51T variant with an additional (selectable) horizontal preamplifier (100 mV/cm at 10 kHz bandwidth).

It contains 7 tubes except the CRT (one ECF80, six ECC88) and one transistor.

The S51 is convection cooled.


Bandwidth DC to 3 MHz (−3 dB), AC cutoff
Deflection 100 mV/cm to 50 V/cm, 1−2−5
Input impedance 1 MΩ // 30 pF (banana connector)
Sweep 100 ms/cm to 1 μs/cm, 1−10 and 10:1 variable (slowest 1 s/cm)
CRT 5" Brimar Se5F, P1 phosphor initially / P31 on later models; 3 kV acceleration
X input 1-2 V/cm, 5 Hz − 200 kHz; 500 kΩ // 100 pF; (S51T: Optional 100 mV/cm, 10 kHz mode)
Features Auto trigger, TV trigger, Z input