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* [[318]]
* [[318]]
* [[338]]
* [[338]]
* [[5223|5223 Opt.10 (GPIB board)]]
==Supported by==
==Supported by==

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The Zilog Z80 is an 8-bit microprocessor introduced in 1975.

It implements an upward-compatible extension of the Intel 8080 instruction set, and requires only a +5 V supply. It adds several registers, a vectored interrupt system, and a hardware DRAM refresh counter to the 8080 architecture.

There were several speed grades, initially starting at 2.5 MHz (non-suffix) / 4 MHz (Z80A) / 6 MHz (Z80B), etc., later CMOS versions up to 20 MHz, and derivatives up to about 50 MHz. Several second-source manufacturers produced their versions of this CPU.


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