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Tektronix 015-0073-00
Accessory Power Supply
Tektronix 015-0073-00

Produced from 1967 to (?)

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The Tektronix 015-0073-00 is an accessory power supply providing +12.5 V and −12.5 V at 150 mA each. It is intended for probes, e.g. the P6045. Later the specification of the supply was changed from ±12.5 V ±5% to ±12.0 V ±1%.

The 015-0073-00 uses a mains frequency (non-SMPS) transformer, with separate secondaries for the +12.5 V supply and the −12.5 V supply.

Both supplies are regulated independently with zener diodes. The regulators use MPS6521 NPN bipolar transistors as error amplifiers. The regulator output is a Darlington pair formed by a MPS6515 and a RCA40250.