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The Tektronix 016-0343-00 is a lab bench power supply made around 1980 that runs on wall (mains) power and provides the following six DC outputs though banana plug receptacles on the front panel:

  • −36V @ 500mA
  • +36V @ 500mA
  • +15V @ 500mA
  • −15V @ 500mA
  • +5V @ 4A
  • −5.2V @ 4A

The grounds of all of the outputs are common and are connected to the case ground. It is a linear regulated power supply with zener voltage reference diodes, bipolar pass transistors, and large electrolytic capacitors. It is cooled by a muffin fan in the rear of the unit. The only control is the power switch. The power cord is non-removable.

The case construction style is similar to some other low volume production Tek instruments. On the outside, it has a rigid two-piece metal enclosure. Inside that shell, its construction is similar to a 1-series or 3-series plug-in. There is a front panel, a rear panel, and four long chrome-plated posts that connect the two panels.

According to Deane Kidd,

This power supply was made to be used with the 067-0745-00 which was a tester for the sector boards in the S3270, S3275, S3280.