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The Tektronix 067-0794-00 "Romulan Loader" is a special purpose circuit card that plugs into the card cabinet of the 4081 Graphic System to load programs or data into the 4081's Memory.

The card is equipped with four sockets for PROMs. Two PROMs are furnished with the Romulan card:

  • The IPL (Initial Program Load) PROM contains.a bootstrap program which, loads the 4081's operating system from disk into memory.
  • The MKPHT (Memory, Keyboard, Processor, and Hexpanel Test) PROM contains a diagnostic program which tests the basic 4081 System, except for the Display Controller, Communications Interface, and the Cartridge Tape Unit. MKPHT sequentially exercises the Memory, the Keyboard, the Processor, and the 067-0772-00 Hexadecimal Display Panel (Hexpanel) used to diagnose memory problems.



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