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The 122-0926-0x is a pack film back for C-50 and C-70 series scope cameras.

It was designed for Polaroid-Land Type 100 series (often called type 660) film packs that contained eight 10.8 × 8.3 cm (4.25 × 3.25 inch) negative/positive sheet sandwiches that were pulled out by hand after exposure. As the film is pulled out, it runs through rollers in the film back that are squeezing it, which causes a reagent to be spread between the two layers that initiates development.

Polaroid made special films for CRT photography with ISO ratings up to 3000 and later up to 20000. Production of all Type 100 films ceased with Polaroid's bankruptcy in 2008. The last manufactured compatible film was made by Fuji until 2016.