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The Tektronix T519 aka T5190, T5191, T5192  (P/N 154-0356-00, 154-0308-00) is a 1 GHz CRT for the 519 scope.

The usable screen area was 6 × 2 divisions. Total accelerating voltage in the 519 was 24 kV.

The tube has 125 Ω GR-874 connectors for signal and termination connections to the distributed vertical deflection plates that consist of S-shaped striplines. These were individually tuned for optimum response on a time-domain reflectometer before the deflection system was inserted into the tube during manufacturing.

Each tube was individually characterized for rise time and deflection sensitivity. The precise values (on the order of 350 ps and 10 V/Div, respectively) were written on the CRT and on the CRT bezel. The spot side of the T5191 CRT is unusually small (0.1 mm).

The T5192 is a special variant with bandwidth of 3 GHz.

The 1966 catalog lists the price of a 154-0308-00 replacement CRT as $1,000 (~$8,400 in 2021 dollars).

Part numbers

  • T519 / T5190: 154-356 / 154-0356-00 (519 serial numbers 1016 and below)
  • T5191: 154-308 / 154-0308-00 (519 serial numbers 1017 and up)

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