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The Tektronix 370 (variants: 370A, 370B) is a high-performance, stand-alone, GPIB-programmable digital curve tracer that provides static and dynamic semiconductor device measurements. It measures and displays the characteristics of a variety of two-, three- and four-terminal devices including diodes, bipolar transistors, FETs, SCRs/thyristors, opto-isolators and integrated circuits.

The 370 can store test set-ups and families of curves on a bubble memory cassette (020-1310-00). Models 370A and 370B use a floppy disk for storage of setup and measurement data. All models have GPIB and plotter interfaces. Control settings and cursor values are displayed on screen. Test sequencing does not require a GPIB controller.

Key Specifications

Test voltage ±2000 V (collector)
Test current ±20 A
Step Generator ±40 V, ±2 A
Vertical scale 100 pA/Div to 2 A/Div
Horizontal scale 5 mV/Div to 500 V/Div
Resolution 10 bit
Power typ. 120 W / max. 400 W
Weight 37 kg / 82 lb



Some Parts Used in the 370

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
154-0895-00 154-0895-00 CRT CRT 370