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Tektronix 84
calibration fixture
Type 84

Compatible with 580-series scopes

Produced from 1962 to (?)

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The Tektronix Type 84 is a calibration fixture plug-in for 580-series scopes.

It was renamed the 067-0523-00 during production (SN 974+).

The Type 84 provides a calibrated amplitude signal for adjusting gain, a fast-rise voltage step – produced by a mercury switch – for adjusting the impulse response of the vertical amplifiers in the scope, and load resistors to test the power supply of the scope. It also features an external input to connect a time-mark generator during calibration.

Key Specifications

Display signal Calibration signal, fast-rise pulses, or external
Calibration reference signal 200 mV, front-panel check
Pulse amplitude Adjustable to plus or minus 4 cm deflection
Pulse repetition rate 550 to 750 pulses per second
Pulse rise time "considerably less than the response time of the vertical amplifier in a 580-series oscilloscope."