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The Tektronix M705  (P/N 155-0078-10,155-0078-11,155-0078-12,155-0078-13) is a broadband amplifier monolithic integrated circuit in a minipac package.

It is a reimplementation of the M(0)84 aka 155-0078-0x using the SH3 process.

According to John Addis,

[155-0078] Suffixes -10, -11, -12 and -13 were used for the redesigned M84, known as the M705. The M705 was necessary because the original SH2 (2-2.5 GHz?) process was being discontinued. The M705 was designed by Hal Lillywhite using the faster SH3 process (6-7 GHz).

Additionally, the M705 apparently had the gain setting resistor laser trimmed at the wafer level. The M705 was designed in late 1989 and tested in early 1990.

For other information, see 155-0078-00.