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Tektronix OF150
Optical TDR
Tektronix OF150

Produced from 1982 to (?)

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The Tektronix OF150, introduced in 1983, is a fiberoptic time-domain reflectometer (TDR) operating at 820/850 nm wavelength for multimode fibers.

The OF152, introduced in 1985, is the same for 1300 nm multimode, and the OF-151, introduced in 1986, is the 1300 nm singlemode model.

It has a plug-in slot that can take an X-Y analog output module, a Y-t chart recorder (016-0506-0x), or a calibrator plug-in (067-1056-00).

In addition to the CRT, the OF15x series has an LCD for distance readout.

Key Specifications

  • Opt. 01 − XY1 output module (X, Y and pen lift analog signals)
  • Opt. 04 − Y-t chart recorder (016-0506-05)
  • Opt. 05 (OF150) − 850 nm instead of 820 nm

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