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P6112 Probe and Accessories

The Tektronix P6112 is a 100 MHz, 10x passive probe intended for the TDS 200 series.


Attenuation (DC coupled system) 10x ± 2% at DC
Input Resistance (DC coupled system) 10MΩ ± 1.5%
Input Capacitance 11.8pF to 14.8pF (13.3pF Typical)
Compensation Range 15pF to 35pF
Rise Time 3.5ns (TDS 220)
(DC coupled system) 5.8ns (TDS 210)
Bandwidth DC to 100MHz (TDS 220)
(-3dB, DC coupled system) DC to 60MHz (TDS 210)
Maximum Working Input Voltage (Cat I and II) 300Vrms
Cable Length 2 meters (74.74in)