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VGA connector
VGA Pinout

The (Video Graphics Array (VGA)) connector is a three-row 15-pin DE-15 connector. The 15-pin VGA connector was provided on many video cards, computer monitors, laptop computers, projectors, and high definition television sets. On laptop computers or other small devices, a mini-VGA port was sometimes used in place of the full-sized VGA connector.

DE-15 has been conventionally referred to ambiguously as D-sub 15, incorrectly as DB-15 and often as HD-15 (High Density, to distinguish it from the DE-9 connector used on the older CGA and EGA cards, as well as some early VGA cards which have the same E shell size but only two rows of pins). The video connector is an "E" size D-sub connector, with 15 pins in three rows, which is the high-density connector version (DE15HD).

The part containing pin contacts is called the male connector or plug, while that containing socket contacts is called the female connector or socket.

The VGA connector is seen on newer Tektronix test equipment like the 2402, 3026, AM700, TDS524, TDS644, TDS3012, TDS3014, TDS3032, TDS3034, TDS3052, TDS3054, TDS5032, TDS5034, TDS5054, TDS5104, RSA3303, RSA3308, RSA3408, RSA5103 , RSA5106 , RSA5115 , RSA5126, RSA6106, RSA6114, and RSA6120.