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Tektronix DM5120
programmable 6½-digit multimeter
Tektronix DM5120

Compatible with TM5000 system

Produced from 1989 to 1991

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The Tektronix DM5120 is a programmable 6½-digit multimeter plug-in for the TM5000 system.

The DM5520 is a standalone version, i.e. a DM5120 in a dedicated mainframe, which however cannot be used outside the DM5520 frame.


Resolution ±3,029,999 counts (6½ digits) in DC Volts and Ohms, 5½ digits otherwise in fast mode
Voltage ranges 300 mV to 300 V in decade steps, DC or AC
Input Impedance (DC Volts)
  • 300 mV, 3 V: >1 GΩ
  • 30 V: 11 MΩ
  • 300 V: 10.1 MΩ
Input Impedance (AC Volts) 1 MΩ // 120 pF
Current ranges 300 μA to 3 A in decade steps, DC or AC
Resistance ranges 300 Ω to 300 MΩ in decade steps, 4-wire mode available in 300 Ω to 30 kΩ ranges
  • True RMS measuement (crest factor ≤3:1)
  • Calibration may be done manually through the front panel or via the GPIB interface.


The DM5120 shares its analog section design with the Keithley 196, minus the front/rear switch.

The instrument's internal voltage reference is based on the LM399.