The С1-91 (Cyrillic; latin transliteration S1-91) is a general-purpose 100 MHz scope made by the Soviet Research and Development Institute of Radio Measuring Instruments in Vilnius (present-day Lithuania). It takes one horizontal and two vertical plug-ins.

Vilnius Research С1-91
100 MHz mainframe
С1-91 front view

Produced from 1977 to (?)

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It was produced in various versions at the Vilnius and Minsk plants, individual blocks were made in Bryansk. It was the company's best-selling model from 1984-1989, with 22780 units produced, at an average price of 3800 rubles[1].

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 100 MHz
CRT 17LO1I, 100 mm × 120 mm
Power 150 W (switchmode PSU)
Weight 15 kg
  • three plug-in bays
  • thirteen plugin types
  • digital readout